Clients not updating to 2.5.34 / Any way to force client updates?

Server version is 2.5.31 hosted on Linux.

This is two related questions.

I have a bunch of computers on client versions from 2.4.10 to 2.5.23. Is there anyway to force the server to push a client upgrade to all of them?

Both “Autoupdate clients” and “Perform autoupdates silently” are (now) checked. This was not always the case, which is why some clients auto updated to 2.5.23, but others have been left back with old versions. Checking I can see that at least some of the computers with old clients have the “Available Update” in the “About” menu. Anyway to get them to notice silent update is now enabled, so they will update without user intervention?

I was hoping that changing the settings on the server, and having the settings push out to all of the clients, would cause them all to update to the next client release. I waited, and then 2.5.24 was released, but none of the clients have updated to 2.5.24.

I’m not sure if this is the correct reasoning, but this is an observation, that might point to the problem:

URL contents 288 288 285
/var/urbackup/version.txt 288

2.5.24 (aka latest) and 2.5.23 show the same version. Is this telling my server that the current latest is the same as 2.5.23, even though it is 2.5.24?

I can see on my server that all of the clients in /var/urbackup are the February, 2023 2.25.23 versions. Since the release of 2.5.24 the server has been restarted a few times, but it has not downloaded the 2.5.24 client.

I’m seeing the same issue, I’m running the server on Windows and saw on a Linux machine it’s client was still on .23

The server generates client links still to .23 so I ran this on the client to update it manually:

TF=$(mktemp) && wget “” -O $TF && sudo sh $TF; rm -f $TF

The server is on 2.5.31

Looks like the version.txt file on the website was not changed for .24 and on my client after the update it remains containing “288”

+1 on this. Clients are not updating, or are updated but report the wrong version.
This question has been asked while, seems more and more ppl are starting to get affected/notice.

A word from the dev on how to proceed would be appreciated.

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i think 2.5.24 is a very important update … before 2.5.24 all windows component backups are ignored silently

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The release of client 2.5.25, and changing of the version.txt file to 290, has resulted in my backed up systems upgrading their local client as they connect.

I had to reboot the server that runs urbackup for other reasons, and when it restarted urbackup detected the new client version, and started delivering it. I then upgraded the urbackup server to 2.5.32.

I did obv restart the server when I updated it. The only client updating was the one I manually updated, and that has wrong version, but that could just be a “typo” I guess.
But my other client has not updated anything according to file history.

I have not changed anything in any verson.txt, because that is not something I should have to do unless expressed by devs as a bugifx until further updates. Today I updated server and nothing changed/fixed this issue.

I see how my post could have been unclear. I did not manually change version.txt, but rather the file on changed, my server detected the change, downloaded the updated client, and then distributed it.

For me, it takes a few minutes for the clients to update after they connect. It also seems I have to refresh the “Status” page on the server for it to reflect the version the clients are using.

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Thank you for the clarification. :slight_smile:

I waited for 40 mins after server update to see if something got pushed, but nothing. I then updated one of my clients and you can see the result in the other thread.

I also noticed that even though I stopped urbackupsrv.service, after installation the server started by itself and still showing the “there is a new version” (note to self, try disable --now next time and see if there is any difference).
A restart of the service fixed that, but no client updates. :frowning:

Also dont have auto update on clients ,have 2 Windows and 1 Linux .
3 settings of Auto Update is enabled on server. Also enabled silence update on clients ,but non of clients is updated

At the moment, the download server,, is not responding. Perhaps the many client and server update requests have overloaded it, consumed all the available bandwidth, or someone is DDOSing a neighboring site.

It was working earlier today; perhaps we should all try again tomorrow or over the weekend.

i installed (updated) manually on Windows and on Ubuntu by :

TF=$(mktemp) && wget "" -O $TF && sudo sh $TF; rm -f $TF

and download from server was worked but installed 2.5.24 instead last on Ubuntu

The last windows client Auto updated silence