Clients not auto updating

Updated from 1.4 to 2.0 and we have a few dozen clients. Only maybe 6 of the clients have auto updated like they’re supposed to. The others I can see have downloaded the correct files but aren’t updating. Ironically, when posting this, every one of the “similar topics” suggestions are unanswered.

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Nothing? Really? Half dozen other people asking the same question and not one is answered. That’s unfortunate.

Well I’d help if I could, I’ve always updated manually in consequence of similar issues, but I have few enough clients I’ve not asked myself or put any effort into investigating.

I assume those with lots of clients have it working, but unless or until one chimes in I’m at a loss where to even suggest you start troubleshooting beyond “update manually and hope the update fixes it”. Something I must get around to myself.

I wouldn’t mind it if the UI actually indicated the correct version. I’ve upgraded a dozen or so manually and they all still “report” as ver 1.4.11 instead of 2.x

My client tray icon -> infos selection reports version 2.3.4 so I assume if yours reports 1.4.11 the manual upgrade is wrong. Upgrade source is wrong or some automation is downgrading. Maybe install via group policy or similar is in the way?

When I check info on the client itself, it reports the correct version. The problem is the server reports the old version still so I’m not 100% sure if the clients have in fact auto updates properly. So far I’ve “checked” most of our clients and manually updated the ones that still showed the old version. The server however is only showing about 10 out of 40 with the correct version.

The server does not continually poll the client for version information. Mostly it happens when the server service is restarted and possibly during backups. If the client info says the correct version then don’t worry about it.

“The server does not continually poll the client for version information. Mostly it happens when the server service is restarted” - Ugh, you’re right. I don’t know why I didn’t think of that. A restart of the service and it now correctly reports the versions. At least this way I know which of the 40 or so clients I now need to manually update. It wasn’t a matter of “not worrying about it”, it was more me trying to save myself time manually logging into each client and updating if I didn’t have to. Some of these are a few hours away and I don’t have remote access to anyway.

I don’t trust the auto update because you can’t batch deploy it on test machines first. I’d use an alternate method to deploy client updates. Salt is a good option…