Clients list of exclude_files_def removed on every backup

I have a client on XXX I have in setting.cfg set the line:


Yet on every backup intremental or full this is reset to


It then backups up about 60Gb of crap for no reason as it can never be recovered. The reason for exclude_files_def is to as I understood it as, there is no clear documentation, exclude this directories from backups which is pointless if you simply remove the lines from the client at the start of every backup.

I’d do this on the server, but that is global and I can not set it per client, so client it is, yet if you ignore my wishes what can I do? Thought of forcing this file as R/O but not sure what that will break.

Also tried as was hinted at:




Where root is the name of the path being backed up, neither worked.

In windows it is:


However even setting this did not help it was deleted on start of an incremental backup.

I verified that: Allow client-side changing of settings: is enabled (checked) on the server so that can not explain why it is being over-written


Eventually I gave up on the client side and setup the custom policy on the server side although, I still do not understand why this was needed.