Client with multiple servers

How do I connect to multiple servers with v.2.1.15? With the old version I was able to add the servers to the server_idents.txt. Now I see some crazy pubkey after the ident. I tried just pasting the ident below the first server but it doeesn’t seem to connect. One server is local and one is offsite.


The client filled in the pubkey for the local server and is connected. In status it shows ‘Connected to Internet server’ but the public server show ‘Online - No’. On the client in the Server field it shows ' (Internet: No), I don’t see the second server.

Got everything working.

  1. Install client from offsite server
  2. Stop urbackup service
  3. copy ident from local server and paste it into client in server_idents.txt
  4. start urbackup service
  5. wait a few minutes for everything to sync up


where is the ident key server please ?

On Linux I have found it in /var/urbackup