Client went offline, Full Backup Failed, Retrying Full Backup Incomplete


I am testing UrBackup to backup a number of client machines (Windows Server 2012 R2/2016) over the internet. The UrBackup server is on a Server 2012 R2 Hyper-V VM.

During the initial full backup, one client went offline for 10 minutes. When it came back online, the full backup was resumed correctly. During this backup a hash mismatch was encountered and the backup failed.

Overnight, UrBackup deleted the “full backup” (43GB) which is only part of the total size - the total data to be backed up is 173GB.

I ran a full backup manually this morning, but this only transfered 8.6MB of data.

Checking the “current” folder on the UrBackup server vs the actual folders on the client, there is ~35000 files missing (49GB).

Any ideas on how to resolve this?


Please find a file that you think is missing in the backup (e.g. via WinMerge), then look at the directory structure. Could for example be, that it is in a symlinked directory, excluded, or removed from snapshots by Windows.

Super - thanks for pointing out WinMerge.

The difference was that between the initial backup and now I had added in an exclusion for “C:\Users*\AppData\Roaming\Apple Computer” to prevent iPhone backups from making it to the server.
This accounts for the 35k files and 49GB of data “missing” from the server - it’s not missing, it’s not there because I asked for it not to be there!

Thanks for your help :slight_smile: