Client Update windows

Hello, I am using Windows server 2.2.8 and windows clients 2.7.17 or 2.2.4. I would like to upgrade client using backup server. Server version 2.2.8 do not offer more UrBackupUpdate.exe - I downloaded it separately from web, and save to directory : c:\Program Files\UrBackupServer\urbackup,
so question - how can I upgrade windows clint on higher version, I do know how to say client start upgrade yourself - in configuration I have checked :
Download client from update server : YES
Auto-update clients: YES
Perform auto-updates silently: YES
Client and server I rebooted, and nothing chnged, version of client is same …
Please help me, how to do it, or what I am doing wrong?

Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

any help ?

For windows clients, I’d recommend chocolatey probably. I’m still doing some research on UrBackup as a whole, but I know it supports chocolatey which is a package manager for Windows.

Assuming it works like everything else, performing an update would be as simple as a powershell command “choco upgrade urbackup -y”.

Updating clients automatically is working for me after I remembered to check the Download client from server option that I had cleared during beta testing and then restarted the UrBackup server. If you manually downloaded the new UrBackupUpdate.exe file before restarting your server, that may have confused the automatic update process. You can try deleting the files you downloaded, or you may need to download the rest of the update directory from the same place you got UrBackupUpdate.exe, as described in the Testing forum with the last server beta. Then restart the UrBackupWinServer service - you can use services.msc instead of rebooting the entire system. If your server has a good Internet connection and you didn’t download all the files manually, you can watch the files get updated in C:\Program Files\UrBackupServer\urbackup as soon as it is restarted.