Client Update questions

I have now google and the forum here searches for information about the client update.
My UrBackup server has version 2.1.20. All clients (current Debian, UrBackup 2.1.16) are active in the settings “Start backups with background priority on clients:”. It is not grayed out. All clients are always online. Ergo I have finished the process on the test client (I have not found a service, there is only the process right?). The client had no connection to the server for 10 minutes and still does not load the update. I gave the server directly the data from the update folder (as described in the instructions), restarted the server, rebooted the service, restarted the client and also left out 15 minutes. Nothing happens.

How can updates be installed correctly on the client? The manual / documentation is incomplete here. How can I enforce the update for the client or actually import it manually? I prefer to do this on all clients manually, as to continue to run with the old version, but how ??

I try to update the clients to 2.1.17.
UrBackupServerOS: WIndows Server 2016
Clients: Debian stretch

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I give you all informations, what you need, how do you start the client backup? I really dont understand this. Can i force it? Please somebody :confused:

Update: I know in MS WIndows Server 2016 with gui i can force the update. But in Debian without gui?

Update2: I test it manually: I have download the clientconfig from web interface, transfer it to my test server which i want to update an execute 2x my sh file. At first i got a failure, then again and all is great. If i check the client version its correct (UrBackup Client Backend v2.2.5.0) but in my webinterface i see 2.1.16.
Not really nice, but it works for me.

If you see 2.1.16 on the web interface (lower right corner), that is the Server version.
You should probably update to 2.2.8 since you have 2.2.5 clients.