Client system backup with map drive option?

Hi everyone, I have a client system offsite that has a NAS, that I wouldn’t be able to install the UrBackup client on, so the only option would be to map the NAS as a network drive and backup it up with the client backup. Is there a way to do this that you know of? It is an older NAS, so there isn’t much you can do with it on installing apps or anything. Thanks!

I don’t think so. What kind of NAS is it?

It’s an old Buffalo NAS.

Ah… I had one of those that lasted a decade. With a single 500GB drive. LOL

Yeah, I’m not sure how you’ll be able to use UrBackup to back this up…

Thanks. Yeah i figured I probably wouldn’t be able to. I tried mounting the NAS as a mapped drive as local system, it saw the drive letter, but wouldn’t open to select items to backup. I could browse the drive from windows tho. :frowning:

The problem is that the backup agent isn’t privy to that mapped drive.

If that old NAS supported iSCSI protocol, then you might be able to mount that NAS as an iSCSI volume, an then see if that was visible to UrBackup, but that is a gamble as well.

Assuming your client/server runs on Windows this has a FAQ entry: UrBackup - Frequently asked questions (On Linux simple mount it somewhere and backup that…)

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