Client: status couldn't connected to the server

There is a communication issue between the server and client,
I have installed client (V2.1.17) on a laptop it was successfully installed, after that I have mentioned the server IP in settings tab and tick marked on internet backup as this is an internet client (work group mode).
I have tried to pringing the server it was successful, but the client never come to online. what would be the problem ? please help me.
client spec: win10/i5 processor
I have install/uninstall three times but still no luck.
please help me in fixing that issue.

Is this local, or internet backup? Devices in same network, or separate?

Make sure you can login to the server URL from client http://server_name_or_ip:55414

I am able to open the server url on the client machine

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Answer: Internet backup.

Check firewall.
Since you can see http of server from client you have 55414 TCP forwarded. Backups run over 55415 TCP. Make sure you have rules for both for internet mode.

Enable debug mode and see what the debug log says if that’s already done.