Client settings not working?


I have recently stood up a UrBackup server and began adding clients. When adding and downloading clients, I am configuring them to backup everything post installation via the client, which is the recommended setting on the clients.

However when I got to force a full level file backup from the server admin console, these clients say they have no backup paths configured?

I thought that by ticking the option to back everything on the machine up after client install that would configure the backup paths for these machines - am I wrong? Does this setting not work?



I think you configured the backup paths client side.
But can you try to configure them server side and see if that works?

Maybe you also deactivated Allow client-side changing of settings on the server.

I think you’re right, I did deactivate that. Whoops. I have since re-activated that setting. Is there any way I can push the clients to perform the backups using the “backup everything” recommended setting now that I have re-enabled that option, or will I need to go manually define backup paths on every client?