Client settings don't stick

I am having an issue where the settings for the client on my Windows 10 system don’t stick. On the server which is local on my NAS I’ve set the settings for the Windows 10 system to use separate settings and the client has permission to modify settings.

My Windows 10 system is directly connected to the NAS via a 10GbE NIC and SFP+DAC cable and the server is listening on that interface.

When I attempt to change the hostname/IP that the client connects to, I enter the IP and click ok - after a short time I go to check to see that it’s updated and re-connected, only to find that the IP I entered was replaced with the original FQDN of the server, and I can see by clicking Status that the system is connected via the NAS’s LAN IP, just not the one I had designated.

I think what’s happening is it’s picking up the broadcast packets for auto-discovery & just connecting that way.

Running the included enable_internet_only.bat file on the client may change that, though I’m unsure why it matters as long as it’s communicating with the server & backing up.

It’s possible it’s the auto-discovery, it’d just be nice if it did what I asked it to, and not what it wants to do…

Yes… you’re absolutely right, however if there’s a faster interface available they’re both directly connected to, I’d ideally like to use it.

Well, short of firing up WireShark & seeing exactly what communication is taking place, & possibly intervening with configuration changes and / or firewall rules I’m not sure how to achieve exactly what you want, nor am I certain I’d know even with a packet capture, I’m a mere user.

Things doing what they want is a downside of automatic functions, even if those functions are helpful to the majority of users with simple setups who just want things to work.

I figured this one out. I had to enable multiple gateways on my NAS and set routes for each subnet to an interface.
Now all external clients connect correctly over the internet and all lan clients connect via their respective subnets (interfaces).

Backups over 10GbE, completely worth the extra investigating.