Client says connected to internet server, shows offline in web admin

I have one client of 9 that is not working properly. I install the client using the pre-configured executable. I run the enable_debug and internet_only batch files. The client logs say its connected to the backup server, but it only sits idle and doesnt do anything. Normally in the status window on the client it would have the name of the internet server as well. This does not appear. On the server side, the status says its not online. Client logs here:

Ran a cleanup on the server and this seemed to fix it.

Why would this be removed. Its a problem, and then a fix to a problem. This should remain.

If youre talking about my response, I removed it. It wasnt a fix, it was asking a question pertaining to your issue but after responding, I saw you had fixed it so there was no point of having the question any longer

There is a point, for others who have a similar issue to use the solution provided as a possible fix for others…

What’s the point of having a forum, if not to also share info with others?