Client Offline after VPN Installation

All windows machines.
I use two backup servers.
Both servers have show the same client offline since 5 days ago.
I did perform a system restore on this client around the time it went offline.
I don’t know if this matters.

I stopped the client service.
I opened the server_idents.txt file and removed all of the text except the two server idents.
I am used to this maneuver being the only way to get a client to connect to two servers.
I removed an unknown ident form the new_server_idents.txt file.
I removed all data from the session_idents.txt file.
I started the client service.
It has been an hour now and no new data has been added to the client’s server_idents.txt file.
Both servers still say that the client is offline.
Can anyone tell me how to troubleshoot this?

Thank You

I have discovered the answer.
At the time in question I installed a VPN manager software.
The installation changed the only network on the computer - the wired network - from “Work” mode to “Public” mode.
This is when the UrBackup client went offline.
My windows firewall was set to not allow UrBackup access on public networks.
My local Ethernet operates in “Work” mode.
I don’t do any backups over the internet.
When the VPN installer changed the network card’s network mode from “Work” to “Public”, UrBackup was then blocked by the Windows firewall and of course the client went offline to all servers.

All for now.