Client not showing up on local server

I installed urbackup client on four Win 10 pro pc’s:the server is ubuntu 18.02 . One of them does not show up on the urbackup server gui. I did uninstall the software on that client and then reinstalled but still doesn’t show up. Looking at the client icon, it’s red. Right click on the icon doesn’t show any option to backups, only status(idle) and a couple others.
Another client was upgraded from 2.2.3 to 2.4.8 and now no options on the client to do anything except status and two others – no backups. HELP please!

You have two issues here? You may get a better result splitting to two posts and more details of your environment could be useful.

My input on the missing client is that the automatic addition of new clients is dependent on broadcasts from the server so firewall rules and non-local lan connections interfere in the process. Also a client will not automatically connect to a second server. This is all covered in Architecture, Client discovery in local area networks and Internet clients.

Looking at other posts on the forum I see others have had similar problems with different causes but my experience is limited to the case above.

Thank you for your reply!
I turned off the firewall to test but no change. I did find that the pc is on a different subnet so I did a 'Add New Client ’ using the name and it did show up as ‘Online’ under ‘Client Discovery Hints’. But is it supposed to show up under ‘Backup Status’ eventually? The documentation doesn’t say.

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