Client not connecting to server via site to site VPN

Hello All,
I’m having client and server which is connected via site to site VPN. I’m able to ping the client from server and vice versa. But Urbackup client not able to find the server.
I didn’t enable back over internet.

Server subnet 192.168.15.x
Client subnet 193.168.16.x

Any answer or guidelines on this.

Use internet mode, automatic discovery only works on the same subnet as the server.

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urBackup uses broadcast for clients discovery, if one of your clients resides in another subnet then as said Bearded_Blunder you must use Internet mode on server.

P. S. But question is interesting. I found no response from uroni about how-to/or future ability to chain servers for clients or use failover servers.

@Bearded_Blunder @artyomtsybulkin
Thanks for your reply on this.

Configuring internet backup is secure one?
because UrBakup using the port 55415 for the internet backup that port details everyone knows publcily so there may be chance to get hacked right.
Any best practice to follow to secure the data over internet.

Default practice:

  1. You can change this port in settings.
  2. You can setup ACL NAT policy on firewall (use security appliance for this): map external TCP port (any you want) on wan interface to local urbackup server 55415.
  3. You can identify source IP or group of WAN IPs from where clients connecting.
  4. Other firewall features will be helpful: for example Country based filtration.
  5. Same settings can be done on urBackup server firewall if running Linux.
  6. Place urBackup Internet server in DMZ like anything that you want open to the World.
  7. Use antivirus software on server that can control code execution on it.
  8. Running urBackup server on virtual machine can give you advanced layer of abstraction for security purposes…
    I think for start this is enough.