Client not able to see all files in the restore webui

Im pretty new to Urbackup but find it very interesting. I have run some tests on 2 client machines. The clients are Windows 10 pro and the only folder i backup is c:\users*. I have the client with tray icon installed. But when i click the access/restore backups button the browser pops up and i can see the client name and all the backups. But when i click into one of the backups i can only see 3 folders and 1 file under c:\users. When i do the same from the server i can see 14 folders and 1 file. Is there a way around this? Should i not be able to see my own users folder or is this by design?

I believe what you are looking for is in relation to this:

ok. so if i understand right i have to setup a user for every backupclient for them to be able to restore all files to their own clients? that won’t be fun. But if there is no other way i guess i don’t have any other choice. worst case i have to setup around 60 users.

There is a known issue with 2.0.x where domain users cannot see their files. Are those users domain users?

This is fixed with 2.1.x.

Yes that is correct they are domain users. Where can i find 2.1? i can only see 2.0 on the download page?

2.1 is beta

thank you for your help!