Client in Windows 7

In first time I would like to say it’s a very good project.

I have installed the Urbackup server in a Windows 2003 server. If I install the client in other PC with the same OS, there is not problem, however If I install it in Windows 7 64 bits, the Icon of URBackup becomes red and says “No current Backup”, and when I try, for example, “do full image backup” from client it says “Could not start backup, because no backup server was found”.


I have just fixed it. I made a rule in the firewall to allow traffic to “C:\Program Files\UrBackup\urbackupsrv.exe”


Do you by chance have a nondefault firewall? Because the Installer normally takes care of that exception for the backend, if you have only the default Windows Firewall.

I have only the Windows firewall