Client goes offline - need to add

Hi, I’ve problems with clients: they go offline, then don’t reconnect to the server.
Server: 2.4.13 on linux vm
Clients: 2.4.10 on windows server 2016, 2.4.10 on centos 7

Some months ago, I installed a new backup server on a linux container, and installed urbackup server there.
I added 3 clients and configured group for backup rules.
Backup run correclty for weeks, then they gone offline and so stopped backup.
From urbackup admin portal i re-added all three clients: clicked on “add client”, used same client name befor, so server recognizes already exist client and shows it online, backup runs for some days.
Last week same problem, a client gone offline, but I don’t know why.
All service are active and running, dns/ip is ok, if I add newly all is ok. No errors in logs. Client service restarted but still offline.
any idea?
I attached debug file from that client, last entry is on 15 sept.

debug - (508.7 KB)

As I understand your log ends off in the middle of backup.
Probably something block urbackup at the client (antivirus).

Turn off firewall and antivirus at this client then try to reinstall client without re-add clients at the server.

Hi, thank’s.
I’ll try it, but I’m skeptical, antivirus or firewall would’ve already blocked the client, thus it would’ve failed at first time.
And when I re-add client, this would’ve not connected yet…beacause I didn’t reinstalled, either didn’t added firewall rules and disabled antivirus.

Done, but clients are offline again. No errors, no messages, no warnings, nothing.

If it’s so difficult to use it in a base scenario, 1 linux as urbackup server, 3 clients (2 windows server, 1 linux), how could I use for my whole company?
A summary of problems occurred: clients offline for no-reason, clients ignores configuration group inheritance, backup stopped for full disk space without a notification, and so…

Really is this program a good solution for backup? I’m using it since two years, but never worked as an enterprise solution would be.

I think that it’s time to uninstall it and close this experience, I’m frustrated for the time lost tryng to let it works.

Same experience for me, urbackup server on Linux and W10 client. Clients ho offline suddenly. Some time with reinstall It works some time no. I cannot find some explanation for tuia problem. It’s very sad.