Client email notifications

I could not find a feature request for this so If there is one please point me to the right direction. I have about 8 different clients using my urbackup server at AWS. I would like to be able to associate an email address with clients/groups so that if a backup fails/succeeds, they get a notification. I have been using urbackup for almost 2 years now and it’s great. I think it is making great progress. I am a systems administrator and if I can make any contribution to the project I would love to do that.

Do you mean Settings>Mail?

yes exactly. but am I missing something? I want to be able to assign an email address to each client so they can get an email when a backup fails/succeeds.

Crasphlan has a feature where it emails the client if a backup has not succeeded in a specified time period (ex: 2 weeks). I like that approach, would be a nice feature.

That it already has (“Alerts” tab in the settings).

It also can send alert/fail mails after backup, but only if you create a user for each client. Then login as the user go to the Logs page and configure it at the bottom.

Thanks for this post. This just addressed my lingering issue on this.