Client download and auto update

How do I get auto update working for clients with a linux server?
The client download I think is still version 1.3.x which is what I started out the server with. I just updated to 1.4_RC1 and tried to download the client and it gives “ERROR: Signature verification failed”.

I did find UrBackupUpdate.exe and UrBackupUpdate.sig in /usr/local/var/urbackup with todays date for the timestamp and perform autoupdates silently is checked in the web interface.

Sorry, forgot to update the signature file.
Can you delete UrBackupUpdate.exe, UrBackupUpdate.sig and version.txt for it to redownload everything? (Will happen nightly or on restart).

Thanks for the hint!

That did it, now I can download from the web gui at least.

Is there anything that needs to be done to push this to clients? I still have one that’s running 1.3.1 and a mix of 1.4.1. beta 1 and beta 3 on the clients. They’ve never auto updated but I hadn’t been worried about it before, starting to take a lot of work to log in to each client now and update.

Had the same problem. The clients rejected the update because of the signature mismatch. Reuploaded it with an incremented update version. The clients should update correctly now (given silent updates are enabled).

I’m not sure this is the same problem. I’ve never seen the clients autoupdate in the last 7-8 months of running urbackup. I’ve had the new file and signature on the server for a bit over a day now and none of the clients have updated.

Silent updates are enabled as is autoupdate clients in general settings.
All clients are internet clients, all behind NAT. Not sure if that makes a difference here.

Just rebooted the server and a few minutes after it came up all the clients updated so not sure what was going on. I did see signature file errors in urbackup.log on the server from after I replaced the files. Does urbackup_srv need to be restarted after replacing those files?

Yes, a client update occurs after a client reconnects (computer was turned off for a while) or when you restart the server.