Client doesn't come to online

Hi All,

We are using two IP ranges of networks.
192.168.6.XXX and 192.168.10.XXX (Router DHCP) when the UR-Backup server is in 192.168.6.XXX series.
when the client is in 192.168.6.XXX it’s pinging to server and data backup is happening normally, if the client is connected to wifi router that’s getting the ping response from server but not getting communicated with server (data backup is not happening) what would be the problem? please suggest me.

My guess is UDP broadcast for client discovery isn’t be making it from the server to the other subnet, I’d try using internet mode for clients there, or setting up port forwarding between the two subnets.

While using different subnets for wired and wireless traffic improves security, it does complicate setting up things like shared printers and local servers to be used by both subnets. You have to arrange to route the associated traffic between them.