Client disconnected before sending anything (Timeout: true)

I have 77 clients connected and do the backup very well, but in this one client i receive that erros:

Client disconnected before sending anything (Timeout: true).

How can i increase this timeout in this specific client?

The inital timeout is 30min. If that isn’t enough there should be something wrong with the client.

The problem is that, the backup stop in 2 minutes aprox.

The log show this result:

Nível Hora Mensagem
Info 30/11/18 14:49 Starting unscheduled full image backup of volume “C:”…
Info 30/11/18 14:50 Basing image backup on last incremental or full image backup
Avisos 30/11/18 14:50 Error retrieving last image backup. Doing full image backup instead.
Erros 30/11/18 14:54 Client disconnected before sending anything (Timeout: true).
Info 30/11/18 14:54 Transferred 298.755 KB - Average speed: 11.328 KBit/s
Info 30/11/18 14:54 Time taken for backing up client SERV78: 4m 22s
Erros 30/11/18 14:54 Backup failed

He start the transfer and stop, but only from drive “C”, i already disable the shadow copy fron drive C, and the only the backup fron other drives (D and E) are completly.