Client command line backup for for Linux?


I was wondering if there is a command line version of urBackup client to run on my server.
My server is Debian/Wheezy (7.8) and non-gui.
urBackup is 1.4.7 for Server and Clients.



Yes. See here:

I was looking at wrong instructions.

I tried this and completely hosed my system.


I have it installed but now have a question on configuring it.

I have 3 physical disks.
/Shares ( All my docs, music, photos, etc.)
/PC_Backups ( urBackup backups from the PC’s )

I see no file/folder exclusion for Image Backup
If I set / as the Volume to backup, will it backup the /Shares and /PC_Backup mount points too?
That would not be good.

An image backup has no concept of files and directories – it is a block-level backup of the disk contents.