Client backup over unreliable internet link

Refering to a section from the admin manual:

“If the client goes offline during the backup and the backup is incremental the server continues creating hard links to files in the previous backup but does not try to download files again. The files that could not be downloaded are then not saved into the server side file list. If the backup is a full one and the client goes offline the backup process is interrupted and the partial file list is saved, which includes all files downloaded up to this point.”

  1. Can we conclude that if any of the clients went offline halfway through a backup, urbackup will not be able to resume from where it stopped previously and we have to run the same backup again? But this is not true for full backup?

  2. Does urbackup only create hardlinks during incremental backups or does it do the same for full backups too? Will the same files be downloaded twice during a full backup?

  1. It will resume the backup (it will even say “resumed incremental file backup” etc.). It will even resume the file download of the file it timeouted on.

  2. It will create hard links for full file backups as well. If you enable client side hashes (on per default) it won’t download files which are already on the server.