Client backup is connected with the server but backup is not starting

Dear All,

I am using backup server… all clients are connected well and the client backup is coming in the server but one client backup is not starting even the client showing OK Status

when I was check the log detail it showing Debugg : Connecting for file list (async)

The situation is the same after re-installation of Client Software

Kindly help me out


could you try turning off the UrBackup client service on the client in question? Just leave it off for at least 5 minutes (the time does matter) and then turn it back on, does that change anything? Assuming it’s a Windows client, you can turn the service off using Control Panel -> Administrative tools -> Services. Search for the UrBackup client service, right click and stop the service. You can right click to start it again 5 minutes later.

Thanks for your kind reply.

Yes, I have tried this even uninstall it and yes, its a windows client.

but the problem is still same…

change the computer name of the client,then reinstall the client ,just to try,hope can help you

Hi akshatgupta,

Try to add Client Discovery hint. And input the IP Address of the client you want to run a full backup

Hi Ryan,

Thanks for your kind reply

Many thanks to all of you… Issue has been resolved…

How did you fix it? I had the same problem