Client Autoupdate doesn't work. From 2.4.10 from 2.4.11


For some reason my clients are not updating their software. They received the updated version and I can see the urbackupupdate.exe in the program files.

I have the following:

  • Download client from update server: enabled
  • Autoupdate clients: enabled
  • Perform autoupdates silently: enabled

I tried reboot the client and the server. I also did the 5 minutes offline duration of the client.
I didn’t find any in logs. All my attempts failed!

How can I fix it?
Thank you in advance!





I don’t how, but now all clients was updated (windows and linux clients).
It happened at 3 different UrBackup servers. I did nothing.
What schedule auto updates clients? When they try to updates? Only developers know, @uroni, can you answer, please. Thank you.

Would be really interesting when they do it.

Another question: There is only ONE master setting for allowing AutoUpdate:


But for testing, it would be great to make this a per-client setting. So I can allow a test-group to autoupdate and verify the success. Maybe a small ToDo entry :slight_smile:

EDIT: Or does this switch allows update in general only? How does Perform autoupdates silently works in detail? If enabled: thats clear, but what happens if disabled?

Autoupdate cleints allows pure download of new clients to the client-pcs - nothing more happening. User can manually trigger update by viewing the About dialog.

Perform autoupdate silently executes it in addition.

I looked at the code. But I did not found out, how often the server checks that. The server pushed new clients to the clients and I enabled silent_update afterwards but nothing happening. I think, there is some interval for this.

The labeling of these two settings should be clearer.

Hmm. Somehow I seem to have messed with the AutoUpdate:

As stated previously: I disabled Silent Update but Enabled client update. Every client now has the “Update available. Install now” Button. After enabling silent_update, nothing happened (waited 2 days).

Am I now in a state where UrBackup thinks: Nothing to do? Can I trigger the silent_update somehow?

@uroni ?

UrBackup should catch this. This is handy for client enrollment tests :slight_smile:
Somewhere I read about the idea, having a button in the admin page to install the new client manually, that would be great too!