Client 2.2.4 dattobd scripts do not work anymore

OS: Ubuntu Trusty 14.04 LTS 32 / 64 bit - Ubuntu Xenial 16.04 LTS 64 bit
FS: ext4
Snapshot method: dattobd (0.10.4)
Urbackup client: 2.2.4
Description: snapshot fails with following error log:
/usr/local/share/urbackup/dattobd_create_filesystem_snapshot: 3: /usr/local/share/urbackup/filesystem_snapshot_common: function: not found

Client 2.1.17 works fine instead.


dpkg-reconfigure dash

and set default to NO …


Same issue: Error creating LVM snapshot v2.2.4.0 Linux client

Do you think to release a new version during next days?
You know, in this moment if you install a new client (from internet or from urbackup server), that script is wrong.