Client 1.4.11 crash every 5 min on Windows server


we’ve installed the last client on a server and it keep crasking every 5 min. We have 2 server UrBackup in LAN with the version 2.4.13
I’ve tried to install a previous version but same error.
This is the only server that give this problem. Others windows/linux works correctly

Here is the latest error dumps:

Server: urbackup-server-2.4.13
SO: Windows Server 12 R2
Client: 1.4.11 and tested previous also

Can help me to resolve this issue?

EDIT: i’ve tried today to reboot and do a sfc /scannow command.
In this moment the UrBackup Client is working doing some backups. I hope it is conclusive. I will update this post next monday

Confirmed solved with sfc /scannow.
Hope will be useful to someone else