Client 1.2.11 on 32bit host failing


I have a legacy windows server 2003 R2 system that is still production because of a clients primary business applications printing issues/restrictions. I can’t get around it yet. In trying to back it up the latest client that will install on it is 1.4.11 because of the 32 bit platform. All I need is am image backup of it. However after running one full image backups and 2 incremental it has ceased to back up. I think it was coincidental with my upgrading the server version to 2.2.11, not sure. I have reinstalled client at least once but no dice. Job runs but just hangs at 0 to 3 % indefinitely. Right now it is at 0% and saying it will take 1 year and 9 months to complete.
I would gladly run a newer client if one is available that would run on a 32 bit os.
Any advice?