Cleanup_database.bat taking days

The console output does not show any files or journal numbers, it almost seems to be in a loop repeating the same two entries:
2021-12-16 08:40:29: Active query(0): PRAGMA journal_mode = DELETE
2021-12-16 08:40:29: SQLITE_BUSY in CQuery::Execute Stmt: [PRAGMA journal_mode = DELETE]

I don’t know if it’s doing anything or not… but if not, it’s doing a lot of it.

I think my monitoring software turned back on the servcie while the database cleanup was running causing a loop. I had 9 logs worth of those two statements.
I used +c twice to break out of the batch file and made sure the service was disabled (not just stopped). Then I reran the cleanup and it was done in just a minute or so.

Problem solved.