Cleanup.bat Configuration Questions

Greetings everyone,
When running the cleanup.bat process, is it supposed to follow the configuration rules set in the server configuration or is there somewhere else to configure the rules. My server is set to the following backup rules, incremental files backups min 2/max 15, full file backups min 1/max6.
When running the cleanup.bat process, I see:
Client with id=xxx has 2 full file backups max=1
Client with id=xxx has 2 incremental file backups max=2
Shouldn’t the max for each of those reflect what is set in the server configuration? If I run the cleanup.bat to completion, I will lose all of my incremental backups. Is this the intended operation of the cleanup.bat process or should I be doing something different to cleanup my backups? It seems as though the normal scheduled cleanup is not working properly because I have clients with more backups then my configured max full/incremental settings.