Clean up window

I am running a urbackup server which is connected to multiple urbackup client. I configured cleanup window on urbackup server but cleanup never executes in that time period.

FYI, urbackup server system timezone is UTC-8.

Can anyone tell me what is wrong here? And answer by below queries too:

  1. Is cleanup window is configured with respect to server system time?
  2. Does cleanup executes as soon as time enters in cleanup window range?
  1. Yes, I believe the backup window is with respect to the clock on the system urbackupsrv is running on.
  2. Not 100% sure here, but backups don’t always start at the beginning of their window, so I would think cleanup functions similarly.
    I sew a couple entries in my server log at 3:58 and my cleanup window is from 3:00 to 6:00.

I will check it.
Somewhere i read that execute “cleanup.bat” for explicitly running cleanup but when i did it failed stating “urbackup_snapshot_helper cannot be recognized as external or internal command”.

I tried finding this script but it not present anywhere on server system.

Have you ever tried executing cleanup.bat?

Sorry, no. My server is Debian Linux.
If I want to start a cleanup, I would just run --> urbackupsrv cleanup with parameters.
Maybe someone else can help with the “urbackup_snapshot_helper”