Clean the Database not existent Entries

We run a server 2012R2 with Urbackup 2.4.12 and backup some servers on a NAS.
My former admin didn´t adjust the amount of backups fitting to the nas size (ive done this now and all runs properly without space problems keeping only a couple of days on the nas and afterwards on a transportable hdd in the archives)

So when the nas ran full he deleted only the files on the nas, and thats where my problem is. I have now entries at Backup>Clients that don´t have the connection to a file. When i select delete for this entry the system finds, of course, no file.

How could i get rid of these entries? Don´t know if the cleanup_database.bat will help me. Thanks for your support.

You must run cleanup_database.bat to clean the database , it will be long, it will remove these entries.

Do not delete files manually , but instead set proper retention time for the backups using the server config
I guess this is what you did

Maybe you want to use two servers , one with recent backup and one server with old backups.
You can look at backup archiving to do this (well , both will hold a single recent backup).
You can also use internet backup to backup to a remote place

If you want to use a use disk , then you must copy all the files to it including the database , not only the old ones, maybe it s cleaner and faster to clone the partition. Well maybe for disk images you dont need everything if they are in vhd, you need to test.

Thank you very much for your answer, I tried to run cleanup_database.base in cmd as admin but
all entries without a connection to a backupfile (while backupfile was deleted manually) remain.

I´ll also use Urbackup on my two servers at home with good retention times and no problems
of backup overflow but my colleague deleted files manually and now its a mess i would get rid of.

It is remove_unknown.bat (see the admin manual for details).

Thank you very much for your support, i´ve done it in a backup downtime.
All unused entries are away now and the system is clean.

Great. -closed-