Claims 884 GB of files on a 220GB drive while backing up (Windows)

I see the following status while backing up first time (local client/local server) and it seems stuck now.

(my system info)
hp.7z (78.7 KB)

What is urbackup showing when hitting Show log?

It looks like it is also backing up the destination drive (D:) into itself.

08/31/22 11:42 DEBUG HT: Copying file: D:\urbackup\DESKTOP-6N9G4OH\220831-0859\D\midi\recup_dir.114\f88205640.jpg (id=246713)
08/31/22 11:42 DEBUG HT: Renaming file to D:\urbackup\DESKTOP-6N9G4OH\220831-0859\D\midi\recup_dir.114\f88205640.jpg
08/31/22 11:42 DEBUG GT: Loaded file f88205800.jpg
08/31/22 11:42 DEBUG Loading file f88205992.jpg
08/31/22 11:42 DEBUG PT: Hashing file f88205800.jpg
08/31/22 11:42 DEBUG HT: Copying file: D:\urbackup\DESKTOP-6N9G4OH\220831-0859\D\midi\recup_dir.114\f88205800.jpg (id=246714)

Thanks for the log tip, it looks like it included my external drives (D: and E:) in my files backup. Perhaps a bug?

No, perhaps you misconfigured the backup settings.

Please share the exact values of the backup dir settings.

I simply clicked the default values. “all files except program files and caches” and “system drive” enabled.
When I checked add/remove backup paths, D: and E: was included there

Ok, should work now?

Yes it moved on to image backup now. It is very strange that it selected external drives by default.