Chrome bookmarks file missing from backup

First post, new user, read everything I could find all to no avail.

Win10 running latest version of urBackup server. Server set to save files to local folder - which is defined as a share on the network.

Network computers backup using latest client - no errors logged & no exclusions set - all jobs complete fine.

The Problem
Chrome browser stores a file called “Bookmarks” (no extension) in " C:\Users\ \AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default" folder

When I try and restore this file, all the files in the Default folder exist - EXCEPT the Bookmarks file.

I would be most gratefull if someone could explain why this is happening - because I’m completly stumped.

I’m hoping it’s a user error :slight_smile:


Further information - the backup has now started working properly - and I have no idea why.

Upon considerable amounts of testing, I determined that something was indeed stopping the Chrome Bookmarks file from being backed up - on 1 machine only. Just the Bookmarks file was missing - ALL the other files/folders of the directory where this file resides was being backed up.

I changed only one setting on the server under File Baclups: “Default directories to backup:” and set them to “C,D”.

When I re-ran the image backup on the offending machine, the Bookmars file is now included in the backup.

So, to conclude, I have now solved the problem.

I just have no idea why?