Choose multiple folders for backup and easier exclude


Thanks for a nice product.

I think the client (Windows) could be much better tough.

An easier way to select folder whould be great, like where you get an browser for all the drives and folders in the computer and you can select the folder you whould like to backup, like the one CrashPlan have.

That will also give an easier exclude function.

I agree this would be nice, but this treeview does not work for urbackup since you wouldn’t be able to enter the directory alias.

If it comes to a tradeoff… I’d way rather dispense with directory aliases than manage a dozen inclusions and a couple of dozen exclusions (under appdata alone, never mind the rest of the profile directory) in one line text entry boxes as UrBackup currently forces.

Tree view would actually enable configuring the backup I want, currently I’m forced to include endless shite I don’t want simply because excluding it is too cumbersome.


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