CHKDSK reporting "file contains too many file names" for files on the backup storage

Sadly it’s not helpful about what files since it reports the file index and not the file name.
the reports are of the form:

Stage 1: Examining basic file system structure …
NNNNNNN file records processed.
File verification completed.
Index entries referencing file NNNNNNN will not be validated
because this file contains too many file names.

Multiple file reference numbers are involved.

The advice for even identifying the file that I’ve been able to locate isn’t helpful, particularly as the software identified isn’t available anywhere I can find (provided links dead).

One would think that fsutil file queryfilenamebyid would get the answer, but for these files it returns the parameter is incorrect

I’ve run chkdsk on the client machines (from WinPE so I could read the output) they don’t trigger this output, so the issue isn’t with the source files as far as I can tell.

Did this get resolved? I seem to have the same issue.