Checksum for bitmap wrong (Server 2.0.16 beta / Client 2.0.14 beta)

i’ve installed the Server 2.0.16 beta on Debian Jessie and the client 2.0.14 on Windows 10 Home. When i try to make a full image backup i get this message on the client and the Server.

Starting full image backup... Basing image backup on last incremental or full image backup Error retrieving last image backup. Doing full image backup instead. Checksum for bitmap wrong. Stopping image backup. Transferred 13.9473 MB - Average speed: 12.8429 MBit/s Time taken for backing up client [myclientname]: 13s Backup failed

In the Windows Eventlog there where 2 Error Messages:

Could you try if it works with this client version:

now it works! Thanks for your support.

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