Changing client settings after client is deployed

I am trying to find out if there is way to change client settings after having deployed the client.

Here is a more detailed situation:
I have a freshly installed version of UrBackup (2.4.x) and I didn’t change any settings at all. I then proceed to add two Linux clients with the the button “Add new client”, download the client for Linux afterwards and install it. If I change client specific settings, like “Interval for incremental backups” and also disable the global option “Allow client-side change of settings” as well as per client, will the new interval be set for the clients, or do I have to reinstall the clients?
Is there another way to change the client settings instead of reinstalling them with the aforementioned settings disabled?

Thanks in advance.

I fixed it by shutting down the urbackupclient backends for several minutes and then starting them.
Now I can change the settings of the clients as expected on the webgui.

We use Windows clients, we found most of these settings were pushed out in minutes after changing. There will be a firewall thing here as well with the UDP if its on the LAN so confirm that isnt blocking anything (seen when Windows decides its in a Public Network profile when it was happy in Private for years before this…

Internet clients are different in they need to “ring in” to the server generally speaking.