Changes made via "Edit Report Script" aren't being applied to the output

Using latest Uroni UrBackup Docker container.

Edits to the report script are not reflected in the outputted e-mail.

For example, I deleted the code listed below from the report script, however, the msg body of the outputted e-mail hasn’t changed and still contains the same original output. Also, I believe the for loop below from the original report script should terminate with done instead of end?

for i, v in ipairs(
local ll = “(info)”
if v.ll==1 then ll="(warning)"
elseif v.ll==2 then ll="(error)" end
msg = msg …"%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S", v.time) … ll … ": " … v.msg … “\n”

Have you tried restarting the server?

for … end should be correct:

Restarting the server resolved the issue.

I stand corrected, for … end is correct for Lua

I’m attempting to use my cell phone provider’s e-mail to text service. However, they’re rejecting the e-mails from UrBackup with error message “550 permanent failure for one or more recipients” and it appears it’s because the e-mails are being sent Bcc and most likely being marked as spam. I was able to confirm the behavior by sending email via a custom Lua script and both To: and cc: were accepted, however, Bcc was rejected. This assumes you’re using Lua to send e-mail. The maintainer of Luasocket suggested using just a recipient list to keep the list of recipients anonymous from one another similar to Bcc (outlined in the 5 bullet points near the middle of
the page -, however, my e-mail to text provider rejected these e-mails as well. Is there enough flexibility within the “Edit report script” interface to change the recipient from Bcc: to To: or Cc: ?

Those email to text services are unlikely to work, I guess. I don’t think it has anything to do with e.g. bcc. I’d create e.g. a Nexmo account, and send them via that. The API is easy to use – you can look at the Pulseway alert script for a REST API example. Please post the script once it is working :slight_smile:

Did you read my entire response? Was it too long LOL? Can I change the the Bcc? Or possibly call curl or other commands from the send report script? Looking to keep this simple.

The email to text service confirmed Bcc is being blocked. They also created a temporary exclusion which allowed me to send a text via UrBackup, however, mentioned their solution isn’t designed to create a permanent one off Bcc exclusion. I made a lot of noise, but they weren’t budging.

I use email to text for all support notifications. Who has time to read e-mail??? The goal is to skinny the UrBakcup report down so it only sends texts for errors.