Changed to "No recent backup" but I do have one

Running server 2.1.19 FreeNAS jail and Windows Client 2.1.15.
All of the sudden, one of the Clients show “No recent backup” for file backups.
But there are backups (two full and about 10 incrementals).
The last incremental is from less that 24 hours ago.
The Client is right now offline (PC is off)

Why do I get “No recent backup” on the web gui?

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I have kind of same behavior, with 2 groups having different times configured for the jobs triggers. One is triggerd every 6 hours, the others every 24 hours. After 2 days, the first group is shown as “no recent backup” but not the other one.
So i guess there is something like “if no backup since (trigger-time)*2” then the warning is displayed.

Is there any way to configure this warning??


It is (incr interval)*3. This can be changed in 2.2.x

ok thanks, i’ll wait for the release then

After upgrading server from 2.1.20 to 2.2.8, the “Image backup status” is inconsistent (on 2 different servers) :

On first server there are 2 clients in the same group (TEST), one is “green” and marked as “disabled” and second is “red” and says “No recent backup” while clients have been backed-up today :

On the second server, all clients of the same group are in state “No recent backup” :

On the second server, I try to increase the “Number of times the image backup interval after which the image backup status is set to not ok” in the Alerts section without success …

Any ideas ?