Change of backup drive (multiple backup drives)

New to this application and learning about it - looks quite good!

We use a system of backing up to external (USB) drive - and this is not a problem.
We have at least 2 external drives, and only the currently in-use/attached one is on-site. The other backup drives kept off-site. The drives are switched every 2 weeks.

So, how will Urbackup react to this? - suddenly remove the backup drive and replace with another.
The first time, it’s a new drive with empty Urbackup folder. But, after first time, the switch puts a drive back with a 2-week old Urbackup folder/files.

Hrmmm can not say what would happen with your exact scenerio…But i can say that if you switch to a BLANK Drive URBACKUP Rebuilds the data base
I would assume that urbackup would pickup off the old data base info thats on the switched drive but not sure
if you find out post results I am curious to see what they are…thnx