Change Location of Backup Storage Path

I am running UrBackup on an Arch Linux server using the btrfs filesystem. When setting up UrBackup, I misread the directions and created the backup storage path as /mnt/btrfs/akibu-desktop_backupfolder, which unfortunately includes the actual name of client being backed up (akibu-desktop_backupfolder). The problem now is that I want to backup a different client, Jeter-desktop, and because of the name of the backup storage path, it will presumably fall somewhere underneath /mnt/btrfs/akibu-desktop_backupfolder.

What I would like to do is to change the location of the backup storage path to “/mnt/btrfs” from “/mnt/btrfs/akibu-desktop_backupfolder”. Can this be accomplished without having to do a complete new backup of akibu-desktop as there are about 4T of data backed up. If so, what are the exact steps? Thanks in advance.

I’d rename /mnt/btrfs/akibu-desktop_backupfolder to /mnt/btrfs/backups, then change it on the web interface settings and in /etc/urbackup/backupfolder.
It’s beneficial that it’s not directly the mounted file system but a sub-folder, because then UrBackup won’t start writing backups to your system disk if the file system is not mounted.
UrBackup will search for the files at the new and old location, so no problems there.

I have my backup destination directly to a /srv/urbackup mount and I am now wondering how to change it to follow your recommendation to change it to a backups sub-folder.

Other than clientname folders the backup destination contains folders

  • clients
  • lost+found
  • urbackup
  • urbackup_tmp_files

Should I:

  1. Stop urbackupsrv
  2. Create a /srv/urbackup/backups folder
  3. Move ALL folders except lost+found in /srv/urbackup to the new /srv/urbackup/backups folder
  4. Edit /etc/urbackup/backupfolder changing /srv/urbackup to /srv/urbackup/backups
  5. Start urbackupsrv
  6. Restart apache2 (I am running a ssl reverse proxy and it lost the fastcgi connection on a urbackupsrv restart)
  7. Change the backup destination folder on the web interface to /srv/urbackup/backups

The clients folder contains symbolic links to old locations. Do I need to adjust or delete these?

Thanks for replying uroni. When you say to rename /mnt/btrfs/akibu-desktop_backupfolder to /mnt/btrfs/backups does that mean to use the command:

“mv /mnt/btrfs/akibu-desktop_backupfolder /mnt/btrfs/backups” (which is what I did along with changing the gui backup storage path location; and changing the location in /etc/urbackup/backupfolder)

or did you mean that I should:

make a new directory called “/mnt/btrfs/backups” and keep the existing /mnt/btrfs/akibu-desktop_backupfolder; (along with making the gui and /etc/urbackup/backupfolder change.

The reason I ask is because my backups are now failing with the error/warning series of messages (over 100 of these messages):

Error creating temporary file path. File exists (code: 17)
Error opening temporary file. Retrying…
Temporary file path did not exist. Creating it.
Error creating temporary file in ::doIncrBackup
Backup failed

Please note that I do not have the “Temporary files as file backup buffer” item ticked under the Advanced tab.
Also, urbackup is both owner and group of items in “/mnt/btrfs/backups”
Additionally, there does seem to be a urbackup_tmp_files folder in the “/mnt/btrfs/backups”, however it is empty.
Thanks again.

Apparently a false alarm… the problem seems to have resolved itself after I rebooted the clients. The backups are now running without the aforementioned errors. Thanks!!