Certain Directories not backing up


Just want to first thank urbackup team for this great backup tool.

I am having a bit of an issue with backing up certain directories on a Windows Client, here is my set up for context:
-Client: Windows 10 Home Version 21H2 Build 19044.
-Server: Docker-Compose (OMV Portainer stack) running on a Raspberry-pi 4, the storage is a USB 4 TB external HDD that is mounted to the raspberry pi.

I appears that most of the Directories are being backed up, exce

pt the ones that I actually need, I have tried to add the directories I need to be backed up to the default directories to back up, but it does not seem like it is working. I am not getting any error messages in the logs, almost seems like urbackup is just skipping over these directories and files. That said, when I go to the file system on the Raspberry-pi on the mounted drive, I am able to see the directory names, but these seem to only be a symbolic link (in Red), doesn’t appear like it is actually backing up these directories or their files. Has any7 one ran into a similar situation?

Thank you,

NVM, was able to figure it out, I followed the path on the symbolic link and found the backups there.