CentOS backup initial setup


I’ve set up UrBackup server on CentOS machine, managed to get a client running on Windows but I’m struggling with CentOS client on a third computer. According to UrBackup webpage, you set up pre- and post scripts in /etc/ dir but guide only mentions Ubuntu/Debian - is folder the same for CentOS? Do I need to specify those files somewhere?

And last question about snapshots - when set up, do snapshots get copied when you execute file backup or image backup?

Snapshots do only work with a “Snapshottable Filesystem” like LVM or BTRFS…
if you didn’t had a choise at the client install which snapshot mechanism you would like to use then your client does not suport it.
Image Backups are not supported under Linux right now.

I think you got the snapshot thing wrong also…
It is only ment to give a consistent filesystem to backup FROM. e.g. a LVM Snapshot

I am running LVM with ext4 LVs, but you are right, I didn’t get a choice. Although installer was CLI and I don’t think there were any dialogs at all.

As it stands, I can create snapshots successfully but I’m not sure about the correct way to backup from them.

Do I mount the snapshot, point UrBackup to that mount point, then unmount and delete snapshot afterwards? What about those files (prefilebackup,postfilebackup) the manual talks about?

If it’s relevant, server is 1.4, client is probably the same.

yeah 1.4 to 2.x is a huge difference… the snapshot helpers in the 2x branch work automatically…
it creates a snapshot, mounts it to a temp directory and makes the backup from there
i think in 1.4 you have to create the snapshots through the prefilebackup and postfilebackup scripts…
but i can’t say how they work in 1.4 as i don’t use that version