CentOS 8 + Installation Tips

Just wanted to share my setup experience as it took me a week and misc info from all around to finally get this working. To help shorten other people’s future setups here is everything I ran into consolidated but also everything here had to be completed to successfully run CentOS 8 clean install + urbackup 2.4.10
Anything that is wrong/incorrect permission wise please comment, this is all written as a Linux beginner.

Install CentOS 8. Once ready install urbackup from terminal and follow each of these steps:

cd /etc/yum.repos.d/
wget https://download.opensuse.org/repositories/home:uroni/CentOS_8/home:uroni.repo
yum install -y urbackup-server

At this point I received multiple errors on user ‘urbackup’. We want to run urbackup so it fails but creates a couple files for us so we can adjust permissions.

  1. Run server so it fails and creates files from terminal:
    *If you get any errors on binding to port 55414 use ‘lsof -i :55414’ to find the process id and use ‘kill pid’ to terminate it.
    urbackupsrv run

    The error for this one is: Unable to find user ‘urbackup’ or something about the GID/UID.

  2. Fix the user error from terminal:
    adduser urbackup -g urbackup

    This will cause errors about being unable to change the Logfile permissions/ownership.

  3. Give permissions to these directories:
    *If the file/directory do not exist, create them/create the blank log file and assign permissions.
    chown urbackup /var/log/urbackup.log
    chown urbackup /var/urbackup

    These show in the webui on first launch as locations unable to access.

  4. Create more folders and assign permissions:
    mkdir /mnt/backups
    mkdir /mnt/backups/urbackup
    chown urbackup /mnt/backups
    chown urbackup /mnt/backups/urbackup

    When logging into the webui you will get ‘Sorry. File not found’

  5. Fix web interface please:
    chmod a+x /usr/share/urbackup/www/{css,fonts,js,images,}

  6. All done, time to run and login! I’ve kept the -v debug so the terminal will show output in real time and any additional errors. Super useful until you’re logged in and done.

Terminal: urbackupsrv run -v debug
Via web browser: http://localhost:55414

Now you should create/setup the backup directory and your admin account credentials and she is ready to go!

@Claes, @Alexander_Rebrov urbackup user does not seem to be created in CentOS during install.

Are you using centos 8 / 7 ?

I just installed urbackup on centos 7 and I can see the user created.

Centos 8 doesn.t support btrfs, so I think its unusable for UrBackup, because of imagebackup