CentOS 7 Minimal - URBackup Client Only Install

I’m trying to figure out the steps to follow to install just the URBackup client on the CentOS 7 of the minimal version if that matter.

I found two resources but it’s not real clear of the specific procedure to follow or if anything needs updated for the process instructions.

I think for CentOS you have th build the package or whatever, but I’m only interesting in using the client only since it’ll backup to the URBackup server that already exists but everything else is Windows.

The URBackup compressed images are much smaller than the Hyper-V WSAdmin backup files on Windows but I’m not sure how to get the client only installed onto the CentOS 7 client machine.

Even if I can get a good starting point I can test and get it figured out, and then I can document and put clear instruction on the site for others that I used if something like this does not already install.

Any help, guidance, or advice is appreciated since I’m a Windows Admin and still learning Linux, installing with YUM or an installer like such confuses me but I can figure it out with a little help so I thought I’d ask in case someone and steer me in the right direction.

So I did some more reading and testing and decided to go with the Binary Linux client (command line only; with auto-update; x86/AMD64/ARMv6+/ARM64)

TF=mktemp && wget "https://hndl.urbackup.org/Client/2.1.16/UrBackup%20Client%20Linux%202.1.16.sh" -O $TF && sh $TF; rm $TF

This gets the client installed and I can see urbackclientctl and I can also mount a share to my actual URBackup Server to a folder where I want a full image backup of this CentOS to go.

I wonder if someone could help me work out how I need to go about getting urbackupclientctl to send a full image backup of the Linux CentOS over a shared folder. I already got this mounted and can access it, create files, etc. but I cannot figure out how to just tell the URBackup client to create a full image OS and send it there or whatever.

I was hoping I could just change over to the directory that I have mounted that I want the image to be saved and then I could run something like urbackupclientctl start image but I’ve tried several things, looked over --help too and I cannot figure it out.

I just want to be able to have a client on this Linux CentOS that I can schedule a process to run a nightly full OS image backup to the SMB share without having to connect this machine to the URBackup server, etc.

Am I way off here or what but I’m willing to try anything but remember I’m not a Linux expert but I understand commands, scripting, etc. I just need to know how to use urbackupclientctl or have someone tell me how else I should go about what I’m trying to accomplish here.