Centos 6 UrBackup-Server crypto++ version >= 5.1

Hello, and a good day to you all. I am trying to create a .rpm package for CentOS 6, and have hit a wall.

During the configure stage it complains about:

checking for crypto++ version >= 5.1... no
Crypto++ not found. Please install.
configure: error: ./configure failed for cryptoplugin

Checking my system I see I do have this installed:

Package cryptopp-5.6.2-2.el6.x86_64 already installed and latest version

Any idea’s why Crypto++ is not found?



You probably need the cryptopp-devel package for the header files.

If that does not help see https://github.com/uroni/urbackup_backend/blob/next/cryptoplugin/m4/cryptopp.m4 for how it looks for the cryptopp library.

That was it! I was missing the *-devel package.

I needed libcurl-devel as well, and the stock CentOS 6.4 version is 7.19. With help from a 3rd party repo I was able to install a more current libcurl version.

Thank You uroni for you help!

If you have some time to set this up you could let it build RPMs on https://build.opensuse.org/ .

see here: