Centos 6.6 32-bit, 1.4.8 server: all "internet" tabs, clients auth key and client download are missing?

I have CentOS release 6.6 (Final) 32-bit

installed server:

succesfully logged in @ localhost:55414 with browser, make new backup path and admin user and random user.

Add additional internet clients: “Added new client. You can see the client’s auth key (or password) in the settings.” but where in settings? I go settings, choose client… nothing there. No “internet” -tabs, anything about client auth key.

Is this RPM packet totally wrong to use server as internet mode??

Can you have look into /var/log/urbackup.log ? If it cannot load liburbackupserver_cryptoplugin.so it will disable the Internet stuff.

As far as I can see the rpms are built with Internet mode support.

2015-04-19 20:48:41: ERROR: Loading /usr/lib/liburbackupserver_cryptoplugin.so failed
2015-04-19 20:48:41: ERROR: Error loading Cryptoplugin. Internet service will not work.
2015-04-19 20:48:41: ERROR: No permission to access “/tmp/urbackup_tmp_files”
2015-04-19 20:57:48: WARNING: Shutting down (Signal 15)
2015-04-19 21:28:09: ERROR: DLL not found: /usr/lib/liburbackupserver_cryptoplugin.so: undefined symbol: _ZTTN8CryptoPP50DL_PrivateKey_WithSignaturePairwiseConsistencyTestINS_17DL_PrivateKey_GFPINS_22DL_GroupParameters_DSAEEENS_4DSA2INS_4SHA1EEEEE
2015-04-19 21:28:09: ERROR: Loading /usr/lib/liburbackupserver_cryptoplugin.so failed
2015-04-19 21:28:09: ERROR: Error loading Cryptoplugin. Internet service will not work.

Hhaa there is the problem! But why… and how to fix :open_mouth:

Normally it is using the cryptopp from @kot1grun ( https://build.opensuse.org/package/show/home:kot1grun/cryptopp ). Maybe you have another cryptopp installed and it conflicts?

Now internet service is working.

-removed cryptopp
-installed http://download.opensuse.org/repositories/home:/kot1grun/CentOS_6/i686/cryptopp-5.6.2-12.1.i686.rpm

Thanks, you rock!