CBT Shadow Copy Error

This has been occurring more often.

A Client will start backup and then it will error with:
“UrBackup cbt snap magic wrong at shadow copy bitmap pos 512”

This is occurring for several end-points. Server version is UrBackup 2.2.5 beta.

Any thoughts? What can I do to resolve this issue?

That error shouldn’t occur in 2.2.5. Are you sure it’s not 2.2.3?

Edit: Okay, sorry. Didn’t see you meant the server version. So try upgrading to client 2.2.5.

Interesting. I’ll check the client version tomorrow.

Looks like the 2.2.3-cbt beta and the 2.2.5-cbt beta have the same version.txt file. Whoops…

Getting the version.txts from the Infscape manager.

The clients never updated to 2.2.5

Is the 2.2.5-CBT Client version.txt going to be updated?